Mitchell Corp

The Vision

25 years ago Chris Mitchell had a vision. That was to bring together a like-minded, dynamic group of people running great business and create a leading accommodation service. Seeing the need for a connection between many independent hotel owners and operators who would cherish being part of a bigger picture, without losing their own identity and independence.

Companies in Australia and New Zealand, taking under its wing a membership of over 70 hotels, 90 motels plus over 20 resort apartments and incorporating the popular and leading brands of Mainstay Hotels, Golden Chain Motels New Zealand and Oceana Resorts and Apartments.

All members enjoy the uniqueness of their own special character and at the same time access to a wide network and reservations system that places them clearly on the international map. And if that wasn't enough, to further enhance the network throughout the region, the highly successful Go Kiwi Hotel Pass, which brings into the frame a further 100 hotels and the Golden Chain Motel Pass for those who wish to travel widely and still receive the same highly valued individual care and attention wherever they go.

The vision grew more and the extremely successful concept was introduced into Australia in 2001 with the Go Koala Hotel Pass. That immediately brought into the network an additional 240 hotels in 165 key resort and tourist locations.

Today, Mitchell Corp is one of the leading accommodation providers in Australia and New Zealand.

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